Optimistic Bikers Club

Who are we?

  • We are some Bangladeshi from Finland who have taken biking as a hobby. None of us are professional cyclist. But during covid-19 lockdown, we were thinking to focus on some physical activities instead of bogged down inside home. As a part of this, some like minded friends who are interested in biking formed a team and luckily we started to enjoy it.

What do we do?

  • We usually bike to nearby cities as a team.
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature while biking.
  • Spend couple of hours at the destination place.
  • Have some light snacks together and come back home.

Why are we biking?

  • To explore and enjoy the beautiful places around us.
  • To motivate our children so that they can see us and believe that nothing is impossible if there is a will, no matter what is the age.
  • To encourage others, specially younger people, to spend some time on physical activities.